Real Estate Law

The attorneys of Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell & Furgerson, P.C. are well known in central Alabama for their skill and expertise in real estate transactions and, when necessary, litigation. Our real estate team provides counsel and support to clients on:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Title documents
  • Transfer documents
  • Closings
  • Tax redemptions

We examine and address all the complexities of the client’s real estate matter, and then present the client with available options. The lawyers and staff utilize their decades of experience in all areas of real estate law including title work, preparation of deeds, survey issues, easements, escrow, zoning, and property taxes. Our job is not complete until the client understands and approves the proposed resolution developed to resolve the matter.

Commercial Real Estate

In addition to the potential issues involved with residential real estate, commercial real estate can also involve commercial financing, complex notes, assignments of leases, UCC financing statements, environmental indemnity agreements, personal guarantees, various collateral documents, subordination agreements, and foreclosure.

Our attorneys are experienced and able to assist in understanding and executing the appropriate documents for the transaction to be completed.

Title Disputes

A title examination is a study of the records related to the ownership history of the property. Disputes over the title are not uncommon, and during an examination, a title examiner reviews the applicable title information to determine who possesses record  ownership and whether there are any defects or claims against the ownership. Coosa Valley Title Company is owned by the law firm and operates in our Pell City office. They, along with the real estate lawyers can address any title issues or defects. Coosa Valley Title Company has been performing title searches and examinations and issuing title insurance for more than twenty-five years. A title insurance policy insures the status of title in the name of the owner of the policy. It can protect the owner from losses incurred by fraud, forged deeds and wills, and liens for unpaid taxes, so if you want to take out a policy, have an attorney issue a title binder and a title opinion to the insurance carrier.

Land Use and Zoning

Before you develop a piece of land, you will need to know the local zoning ordinances in order to ensure that your purpose for the property is in accordance with local law. There are many other areas relating to real estate law, including homestead, sale and division, and adverse possession, to name a few. At Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell & Furgerson, P.C. you may speak with a knowledgeable attorney before moving forward with your real estate transaction.