Criminal Law

Any and all criminal charges, whether a minor violation or a serious murder case may adversely affect a person’s future life. Therefore, an experienced criminal lawyer should always be involved to avoid unpleasant and unknown consequences. Without proper legal representation, criminal cases can result in jail, large fines, long probation terms and extended supervised education requirements. Don’t just go through the “process” where a lifelong stain on your future is at risk. Hire experienced, knowledgeable, and capable lawyers to advise you during this time.

Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell & Furgerson, P.C., have experienced lawyers with over 25 years handling criminal matters in both state and federal court. They have successfully defended clients in felonies, misdemeanors, and ordinance violations throughout central Alabama and even on appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court. From arrest through trial, and appeal when necessary, their legal team is knowledgeable and experienced to navigate the law and the process of criminal defense.

The following is just a sample of the type criminal cases handled by lawyers at Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell & Furgerson, P.C.:

  • White collar crimes
  • Insurance fraud
  • Capital murder
  • Theft and property-related crimes
  • Controlled substances
  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Sexual-related offenses
  • Criminal Mischief

No matter the court, municipal, state or federal. The criminal defense lawyers of Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell & Furgerson, P.C. will give your case the prompt attention critical to a satisfactory resolution. Early retention of an experienced criminal  lawyer is the best path to resolving your case to get you back to achieving your life’s goals.

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